Please fill out this form for NBS Production, Sponsorship, endorsements or patronage.



Production: An event created and organized by NBS, or in which NBS plays a major role in organization and promotion (i.e. the Bobby Rush Concert/Launch Event).

Sponsorship: Participating financially or otherwise in all or part of an event, a publication, activity or a media program, usually for the purposes of promotion, exposure, and/or advancement of the NBS, its mission and activities.

Endorsement: Providing NBS testimonial in advertising, written or spoken statement, and/or use of logo, in order to promote a non-NBS sponsored event, publication, activity, or project

Patronage: Presence at an event by an NBS board member acting as an official representative of NBS.

PURPOSE: To provide guidelines by which the NBS may identify, select and establish official sponsorship, endorsement and/or patronage of activities, events and projects.


The contemplated activity should be aligned with the NBS mission. It should:

  • Create opportunities to expand and enhance awareness of NBS
  • Build the blues community
  • Support blues-related events and initiatives
  • Promote new/local blues musicians and art forms
  • Provide a platform for exposure and expression
  • Demonstrate our commitment to our mission

Opportunities for sponsorship, endorsement and/or patronage may arise by any means. A standardized process helps assure that all opportunities are heard and considered equally. NBS members and non-members alike may identify, nominate and request such support in writing on the Sponsorship Nomination Form. The completed form is submitted to the Board Secretary who, in turn, distributes to the Board and/or Designated Committee.

The Board and/or Designated Committee will utilize a structured process in its deliberation and decision-making, as follows:

  1. Mission discernment to ensure that the nominated activity and/or audience aligns with and/or compliments the NBS
  2. Determine strategic fit within the current and planned NBS activities
  3. Consider the resources needed to make the contemplated activity successful
  4. Conduct a vote for approval
  5. For approved nominations, formulate detailed plan

The Board Secretary documents the discussion and decision of the Board/Committee and communicates results to the Nominator in writing.

The board may choose to approve or decline the request as is, or may do so with recommendations in order to clarify, enhance or respond to the request.

Nomination and approval may be conducted at a board meeting or via e-mail. Approval shall require a majority “in favor” vote by Directors participating in the vote. A minimum of one-third of Directors must participate in the vote in order to constitute a quorum as stipulated by the NBS Articles of Incorporation.


Committees may be formed and empowered by the Board for the purpose of planning and approving sponsored, endorsed and/or patronized events. Committee decisions and/or recommendations may be modified or vetoed by full Board majority vote. Expenditures exceeding $200 or 10% of the assets of NBS require full Board majority vote.