The Jake Leg Stompers


The Jake Leg Stompers evoke the rebellious spirit and colorful pageantry of American popular music before the Second World War, from the Memphis blues to the Virginia Reel; when jazz began, vaudeville was urgent, and folk music was still dangerous.
From their world headquarters in Bucksnort, Tennessee, the Jake Leg Stompers serve up tangy tastes of chicken-fried, pre-war, hokum-billy jug music to gourmet audiences everywhere. Acclaimed for their spirited, eclectic, and wildly unpredictable street performances, the Stompers are equally at home in night clubs or on festival stages.

Since 2005, the Jake Leg Stompers have built a devoted following in Nashville and throughout the Southeast with their engaging and playful public performances — performances that call forth the manners, moods, and repertoire of early 20th-century medicine shows, featuring period dress and vintage instruments.
Having found warmly appreciative audiences in club scenes and festival arenas, the Jake Leg Stompers look forward to taking their road show worldwide to showcase the breadth and joyous abandon of early 20th- century American string & jazz band music.